Compassionate Centering, Healing with Integrity

The Kambo Center honors every step of your path toward healing. After years of conscious, slow work, we’re now open and ready to hold space for you and your journey with kambo.

Our Why

We believe that finding our center — a grounded, clear, and spacious awareness that’s always available, no matter the noise around us — is invaluable to one’s healing.  Being human can be hard and we all deserve to feel our best. Kambo can help. We’re living proof.

At The Kambo Center, we weave numerous techniques, traditions, and tools from around the world with the magic of Kambo. This blend creates a uniquely supportive way to re-discover one’s authentic center and helps cultivate a path toward lasting health within spirit, mind, and body.

Our Work

Integrity First

With Kambo growing in popularity these last few years, many practitioners and recipients have seen the downsides of this. The sudden changes around the world have asked us at The Kambo Center to step forward into service and offer this tool, with respect. At The Kambo Center, we believe that honoring the whole path — including where the Kambo comes from and the people who established a relationship with it first — is vital.

Compassion Always

We all bring with us pain. Our bodies hold memories of trauma, scars from less than great decisions, and beliefs and opinions unique to our pasts. We embrace where you are and where you’ve been, welcoming it all so that your discoveries in the turbulence of humanness are sincere and complete. You are worthy. Come as you are.  

Custom Support

As life changes, so do our needs. The Kambo Center is here to support you through all life’s seasons. Our goal is to honor connection, integration, and transformation by focusing on tuning into one’s own center and listening deeply. Be it in a single shifting session, a short term detoxing series, or long term support of chronic conditions, Kambo is a right of passage and an ally — we listen as it calls.  Each situation is as unique as we are. We’re here for you and are happy to serve. 

Where Kambo Comes From

We personally collect Kambo with two Mates families outside of Iquitos, Peru.  We ask the frog’s permission before collecting and we thank each frog for its gifts. Immediately releasing the sacred animal back into the jungle night where it came from.

Though the Mates’ may have no traditional ceremony, they believe it would be a disservice for Kambo to be served by a lazy man. It’s a warrior medicine and should be treated with purity and respect. We honor its gifts by how we show up in all our relations and within our day-to-day lives.

Begin Your Kambo Journey

Whether you’re ready to book a session or simply want to learn more, we’re here for you. Note that our services are offered on a sliding scale depending on your circumstances and intentions. Click the link below to connect.